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Bird Park Community Survey

This survey has been created as part of the community engagement process for "Bird Park" which is being established between Charles and Frederick Streets, Carterton. We are seeking feedback from the community, in particular the residents within the southern part of Carterton and in the immediate vicinity of the park, who will be most impacted by the park.  To see the concept plan please click here

Please click here to complete the survey.


Easter Trading Policy Submissions
Public notice is hereby given that pursuant to sections 83 and 87 of the Local Government Act 2002, section 101 of the Gambling Act 2003 and section 65 of the Racing Act 2003, Carterton District Council are now undertaking formal consultation with the community of the Carterton District.
Copies of the draft Easter Trading Policy are available for public inspection from the Carterton, District Council office and library, and online at www.cdc.govt.nz

Feedback on the draft Easter Trading Policy is invited up until 12pm Friday, 10th February. You can respond by any one of the ways outlined below:
Please post your written submission to:
Submission: Easter Trading Submission
Carterton District Council
PO Box 9
Carterton 5743
Or email your written submission to: solitaire@cdc.govt.nz with the following subject title: Submission – Easter Trading
If you make a written submission, you have the option to speak at a hearing. Please let us know in your submission if you would like to speak to your submission in person.

• Submissions will not be returned.
• Under the Privacy Act 1993, submissions are available for viewing by the public and media if requested. Please notify the Council if for any reason you do not want your contact details to be publicly available.
• The Hearing of these submissions will be open to the public.

To view the Submission Form please click here 
To view the Proposed Local Easter Trading Policy click please here


Community to review Waiohine River Floodplain Management Plan

This week people who live alongside the Waiohine River and in Greytown will be asked to give their view on a plan to protect their homes, business and land from problems caused by river flooding and erosion.
Over the last eight years, Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) has been working with South Wairarapa and Carterton District Councils, communities and iwi to come up with an agreed Floodplain Management Plan that will take into account flood risk levels as well as the economic, recreational, cultural and environmental needs of the communities who live and work around the Waiohine River.
During the development of this draft Waiohine River Floodplain Management a number of options for managing flood risks were identified and discussed. These discussions were led by the Waiohine River Floodplain Management Planning Advisory Committee (WFMPAC), a group made up of members of the Wairarapa community, as well as District and Regional Councillors and other groups interested in the Waiohine River. The  need for a comprehensive long-term plan that takes into account the effects of climate change is well supported.
“A lot of thinking, talking, information gathering and planning has gone into this document over several years.  We have evaluated the risk, explored options and ideas and talked in detail with some land and property owners,” said James Flanagan GWRC Flood Protection Senior Engineer. “I am confident that we have a plan that will provide a sound base for discussion by the community and I am looking forward to explaining some of the concepts and discussing the detail with people during information days at Greytown Public Library.”
The Waiohine River Floodplain Management Plan describes a combination of structural , for example stop-banks,  and non-structural measures, for example limits on where building development can take place.
Information has been sent to residents and property owners around the Waiohine River.  Anyone with an interest in this floodplain management plan can go along to drop-in days at the Greytown Public Library, 2:00pm - 7:30pm on: Wednesday 15 June, Sunday 3 July and Wednesday 6 July.  Learn more and give your feedback by Friday 15 July: www.gw.govt.nz/waiohineriver